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SoundBox Privacy Booth - 2-4 Person

SoundBox Privacy Booth - 2-4 Person

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Interior Furniture

Elevate Your Privacy

Elevate your privacy with Chairly's remarkable SoundBox Privacy Booths. Tailor-made to fit your requirements, our booths offer a range of customization options, including an array of colors and designs, ensuring a stylish and comfortable private space. Experience the following benefits with our SoundBox Booths.

Premium Construction for Lasting Durability

Enjoy the premium construction of our SoundBox Privacy Booths, designed to stand the test of time. We prioritize superior durability without compromising on style or functionality.

Crafted with Quality Materials

Our booths feature premium materials, including tempered glass (same quality standard as Metro sliding door tempered glass), an aviation aluminum frame for robustness, and strong carbon composite wall panels. We prioritize the use of top-tier materials to ensure a wood-free, glue-free, and screw-free assembly, providing you with long-lasting durability and reliability.

Immerse Yourself in Exceptional Sound Clarity

Step into the SoundBox Privacy Booth and experience exceptional sound clarity. We have integrated features that enhance the acoustic environment, allowing you to focus and work without distractions.

Crystal-Clear Audio Experience

Immerse yourself in exceptional sound clarity within the booth's interior. Our booths utilize 60% high-density PET acoustic panels, efficiently absorbing sound and improving acoustics. Enjoy a clearer audio experience, whether you're attending virtual meetings, making important calls, or simply enjoying your favorite music.

Versatile Power Supply for Your Convenience

We understand the importance of a versatile power supply to cater to your diverse electrical needs. Our SoundBox Privacy Booths are designed to seamlessly integrate with your devices.

Meet Your Electrical Needs

The booth features a voltage range of 110-220V/50Hz and a 12V-USB power supply system. Connect and power your devices effortlessly, ensuring you stay connected and productive within your private space. Convenience is just a plug away.

Ample Space for Comfort

Comfort is essential for optimal productivity. Our SoundBox Privacy Booths offer generous dimensions, providing you with ample space to work and relax.

Spacious and Comfortable Environment

With dimensions of 60.5"D x 86.5"W x 90.5"H, our booths offer a spacious and comfortable private environment. Stretch your legs, set up your workspace, and enjoy a roomy sanctuary tailored to your privacy needs. Discover the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

Refreshing Ventilation for a Revitalizing Experience

Stay refreshed and energized within the SoundBox Privacy Booth. We have incorporated an efficient ventilation system to ensure a constant supply of fresh air.

Silent Air Refreshment

The booth is equipped with 1-3 silent fans that refresh the air inside every three minutes. Experience improved air circulation, creating a pleasant and revitalizing atmosphere. Breathe easy and stay focused throughout your workday.

Illuminating Lighting System for Optimal Visibility

Illuminate your private space with our SoundBox Privacy Booth's 4000K LED central lighting system. Enjoy well-balanced and adequate lighting to enhance your productivity.

Well-Lit Surroundings

The booth's lighting system provides optimal illumination, reducing eye strain and enhancing visibility. Enjoy a well-lit environment that promotes focus and concentration. Shine a light on your ideas and work with clarity.

Superior Sound Insulation for Uninterrupted Work

Experience superior sound insulation within the SoundBox Privacy Booth. We prioritize creating a peaceful and uninterrupted work atmosphere.

Peaceful and Uninterrupted Environment

The booth boasts an Rw+ Ctr rating of 30dB (±5dB) and an RT0.25s (±0.01s) value, ensuring exceptional sound insulation. Say goodbye to distractions and immerse yourself in a peaceful work environment. Stay in the zone and accomplish your tasks with ease.

Fire-Resistant Design for Your Safety

Your safety is our utmost concern. Our SoundBox Privacy Booths are designed to comply with Class B fire-proof standards.

Enhanced Safety Standards

Rest assured, our booths are constructed with fire-resistant materials, ensuring compliance with Class B standards. Focus on your work with peace of mind, knowing that you are in a secure and protected environment.

Furniture Included for Added Convenience

Each SoundBox Privacy Booth comes with carefully selected interior furniture. We prioritize convenience and functionality to enhance your private workspace.

Fully Equipped Private Sanctuary

The booth includes furniture that complements your work needs, adding convenience and functionality to your private space. Maximize your productivity and enjoy a well-equipped private sanctuary.

Effortless Installation for Hassle-Free Setup

Setting up your SoundBox Privacy Booth is effortless. Assemble and disassemble the booth within two hours, without the need for screws or complicated tools.

Simplified Installation Process

We have streamlined the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free setup experience. Spend less time on assembly and more time focusing on your work. Set up your booth effortlessly and get ready to immerse yourself in privacy and productivity.

Shipping & Returns

All SoundBox brand items ship within 10-12 weeks and take 5-7 business days to be delivered as these items are made to order.

Note these items are made to order and are not eligible for free returns. Please contact us to get a freight quote.

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Experience the Soundbox Silence booth—an innovative and versatile creative sanctuary that caters to your diverse artistic endeavors.

Through the implementation of Solidworks mechanics modeling, the assembly of the booth is effortlessly simplified, utilizing just one type of fastener.

Easy Installation

  • Modular Design
  • 3 Hour Assemble
  • 6 Side Installation
  • Easy Install with Instructions

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