Low Carbon

Soundbox has emerged as an industry pioneer in environmental sustainability.

  • Carbon footprint ≤0.071kg CO2e
  • Energy consumption ≤0.4MJ
  • Air acidification ≤0.0001kg SO2e,
  • Water eutrophication ≤0.00002 PO4


Experience the Soundbox Silence booth—an innovative and versatile creative sanctuary that caters to your diverse artistic endeavors.

Through the implementation of Solidworks mechanics modeling, the assembly of the booth is effortlessly simplified, utilizing just one type of fastener.

  • Soundproof

    Acoustic Index STC 25dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s), Maintaining an environment that is good for employees to concentrate on working, thinking, and reading is vital for open offices.

  • Privacy

    Our privacy booth is designed to provide you with a unique, private space that keeps you free from distraction so that you can function at your best.

  • Comfortable

    With a system that circulates air every three minutes, the environment is kept fresh and clean.