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One Desk = 5 Trees Planted

For each solid wood desktop purchased, we contribute to planting 5 fresh trees in U.S. National Forests. Our collaboration with the National Forest Foundation enables us to plant thousands of new trees annually.

As we move forward with our collaboration with the National Forest Foundation, we are excited to continue planting trees with the National Forest Foundation.

This effort aids in mitigating our ecological footprint and guarantees the enduring availability of resources for generations to come. Wood, being primarily composed of carbon, is among the most sustainable materials. It effectively captures and repurposes carbon, making it an excellent choice for our products.

Bamboo Desks for a Better World

Moso bamboo, the world's fastest-growing plant, yields an eco-friendly desktop material that's both elegant and sustainable.

Thanks to its rapid growth and resilience, bamboo surpasses traditional wood choices in durability and eco-friendliness, while still boasting a stunning appearance that rivals any solid wood desktop.

Renewed, Recycled, Rubberwood

Embracing the essence of eco-conscious design, our desks are crafted from reclaimed rubberwood. Sourced from Pará rubber trees, these trees have served their purpose in rubber production, reaching the end of their natural lifespan after 25-30 years.

But their story doesn't end there. Rescued from waste, rubberwood transforms into a stunning and sturdy desktop material. With its unique grain and resilience, this reclaimed wood offers a sustainable solution that exudes both beauty and durability.

Experience the allure of repurposed elegance with our collection of desks, where sustainable style meets reborn wood.