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Rectangle Glass Chair Mats

Rectangle Glass Chair Mats

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The Perfect Solution for Any Office Space

Versatile and Functional - Rectangle Glass Chair Mats

From small home offices to large corner offices, our rectangle glass chair mats are designed to meet your needs. Whether you have carpet, tile, wood, or vinyl flooring, our mats provide the perfect solution. With their elegant and durable design, they enhance the aesthetics of any space while offering exceptional functionality.

Enhanced Roll-On and Off with Patented Beveled Edge

Effortless Movement with Patented 1-Inch Beveled Edge

We stand out from the competition with our patented 1-inch beveled edge, delivering an easy roll-on and off experience. This unique feature not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of elegance to the mat. The translucent appearance beautifully displays and protects your flooring and rugs, making it a clear differentiator among other chair mats.

Elegantly Durable and Floor Protection

Elegance meets Durability - Highest Quality Tempered Glass

Made with the highest quality ¼" tempered glass, our chair mats are built to last. They can withstand up to 1000 pounds of weight, ensuring long-lasting durability while protecting your floors from scuffs and damage caused by hard plastic chair wheels. Designed for use on various flooring types, including carpet, tile, wood, and vinyl, these mats provide both elegance and floor protection.

Eco-Friendly Choice for a Healthier Environment

Environmentally Conscious - Natural Silica Sand Composition

We prioritize both functionality and sustainability. Our glass chair mats are environmentally friendly, made from rapidly renewable natural silica sand. They are odorless, BPA-free, and phthalate-free, offering a healthier alternative to chemical-laced vinyl mats used by many competitors. Make an eco-friendly choice without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

Long-Lasting Confidence with Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Assurance - Limited Lifetime Warranty

Invest in peace of mind with our limited lifetime warranty. Our strong and long-lasting tempered glass chair mats are backed by this warranty, ensuring that your investment is protected for a lifetime. We stand behind the quality and durability of our mats, providing you with confidence and assurance.

Ergonomic Benefits for Enhanced Comfort

Effortless Movement and Back Relief - Ergonomic Benefits

Experience instant relief from back and joint stress with our glass chair mats. Effortless rolling eliminates the need to tug your chair out of roller indentations on plastic mats or struggle across thick carpeting. Enjoy a smooth and ergonomic experience that enhances your comfort and productivity, while preserving the integrity of your flooring.

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All Flexispot brand chairs include a 3-year warranty.

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