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Mid-Back Conference Chair

Mid-Back Conference Chair

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Sophistication and Comfort in a Classic Design

Contemporary Conference Chair - Enhance Your Space

Elevate your conference space with the Contemporary Conference Chair. This mid-back chair combines sophistication with comfort, creating an ideal seating option for any professional setting. Its sleek design, featuring chrome wraparound arms and luxurious faux leather upholstery, adds an elegant touch to your conference room, impressing both clients and colleagues alike.

Optimal Performance with S3 Swivel Tilt Mechanism

S3 Swivel Tilt Mechanism - Adjustable Comfort

Designed for optimal performance, the Contemporary Conference Chair is equipped with the S3 Swivel Tilt Mechanism. This feature allows you to easily adjust and recline during long meetings or presentations, ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility. Experience seamless transitions and personalized support with this advanced mechanism, enhancing your overall conference room experience.

Sturdy Support and Contemporary Appeal

A24 Fixed Chrome Wraparound Arm - Sturdy and Stylish

The Contemporary Conference Chair offers both sturdy support and contemporary appeal with its A24 Fixed Chrome Wraparound Arm. This armrest not only provides reliable support during conferences but also exudes a modern and sleek aesthetic. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and style with this eye-catching feature, making a statement in your conference room.

Ample Space and Modern Touch

21.5" Width and 27.5" Depth - Spacious Seating

The Contemporary Conference Chair offers ample space for comfortable seating. With an overall width of 21.5" and an overall depth of 27.5", it provides sufficient room for movement and ensures a comfortable seating experience for all attendees. The seat itself has a width of 19" and a depth of 18", accommodating individuals of various sizes with ease.

Timeless Style with High-Profile Aluminum Polished Base

26" High-Profile Aluminum Polished Base - Modern Elegance

Completing the chair's sleek design is a 26" high-profile aluminum polished base. This feature adds a touch of modernity and elegance to your conference space, elevating the overall ambiance and creating a professional atmosphere. With its timeless style and functional features, the Contemporary Conference Chair effortlessly combines form and function.

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