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E5 Solid Wood

E5 Solid Wood

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Enhanced User Experience. Improved Motor.

Experience enhanced user experience with the E5 Standing Desk. Its improved motor provides a smoother and more stable lifting experience. Enjoy reliable height adjustments with ease, whether you're working or gaming. The desk's double crossbeam structure ensures stability, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Extremely Stable. Wobble-Free Working.

Work with confidence on the E5 Standing Desk. Its super stable build ensures a wobble-free working or gaming experience. Whether the desk is lifted high or in motion, enjoy exceptional stability throughout. Keep your items steady during the lifting process, maintaining a seamless workflow.

Sturdy and Durable. Ready To Hold.

Experience the strength and durability of the E5 Standing Desk. Its robust construction can hold weights of up to 287 lbs, accommodating all your essentials without compromising stability. This desk is built to last, providing a reliable and sturdy foundation for your work or play.

Advanced Keypad Panel. Customized Height Options.

The E5 Standing Desk features an advanced keypad panel for effortless adjustments. Enjoy customized height options with programmable presets, allowing you to find your perfect ergonomic position. Take advantage of the sit-stand reminder feature to promote a healthy posture and switch positions at regular intervals.

Choose Your Desk Frame and Stylish Options.

Customize your E5 Standing Desk to suit your style and needs. Select the E5 frame for a cost-effective option with a wider adjustable range. Choose from stylish desktop options, including natural bamboo, a variety of laminated colors, or eco-friendly solid wood. Create your ideal workspace with a desk that matches your unique aesthetic.