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Cord Management Set

Cord Management Set

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Stay Tidy and Clutter-Free with Cords Management

Unleash Your Workspace's Full Potential

Say goodbye to tangled cords and messy workspaces with our Cords Management Set. This best-selling accessories combo is designed to help you stay organized and maximize the potential of your workspace. With innovative solutions that keep cords in one place and ensure easy access, you can focus on your work without the distraction of clutter.

Cable Management Tray - Neat and Organized Workspace

Store and Stow Away with Cable Management Tray

Tired of the mess of cords, wires, and adapters on your desk? Our sleek black Cable Management Tray provides a clutter-free workstation. This innovative design allows you to store and stow away all your cords, keeping them neatly organized in one place. Say goodbye to the tangled jumble of cords that always gets in the way, and say hello to a neat and tidy workspace that promotes productivity.

Versatile Desk Drawer - Organize Your Essentials

Stylish and Sleek Desk Drawer - Must-Have for Any Desk

Create an organized and clutter-free desktop with our versatile Desk Drawer. This stylish and sleek storage solution is designed to fit most FlexiSpot and other desks with a depth exceeding 9.4". It offers ample space to store your workday essentials, keeping them within reach while maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Say goodbye to desk clutter and welcome a more efficient and visually appealing workspace.

Under Desk Socket - Convenient Charging Experience

Everything in One Place - Under Desk Socket

Transform your workspace with the convenience of our Under Desk Socket. This easy-to-use charging solution allows you to charge your devices without the hassle of multiple cords and sockets. With its practical design, you can easily attach the socket under your desk using screws or tape. Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free while enjoying the convenience of having everything in one place.

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The Limited Warranty covers material or manufacturing defects in new Cable Management products. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and this right is not transferable. Only customers who purchase products from this website are entitled to this limited warranty.

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