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Comhar Pro

Comhar Pro

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Award-Winning Design - Stylish and Practical

The Comhar Pro combines style and practicality. Its enchanting oval design and durable bamboo desktop earned it the International Design Award and SIT Furniture Design Award. Experience a desk that enhances your workspace while providing back support for long hours of work.

Dual-Motor System and Flexible Features - Unique Workspace

The powerful dual-motor lifting system and three-stage height adjustment create a unique workspace tailored to your needs. The Comhar Pro offers a solid and stable foundation for any task, allowing you to work with confidence and flexibility.

Cable Tray - Clutter-Free Cables

Stay organized with the cable tray of the Comhar Pro. Keep your cables out of sight, avoiding tangles and maintaining a clean workspace. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of the built-in wireless charger, freeing you from the hassle of cables.

Office Desk with Drawers - Simplified Storage

The in-built storage drawer of the Comhar Pro keeps your work essentials easily accessible and your workspace clutter-free. Stay organized and enjoy the simplicity of having everything you need at your fingertips.

Bamboo Desktop and Wireless Charger - Eco-Friendly and Durable

Immerse yourself in nature with the ergonomic bamboo desktop of the Comhar Pro. Not only is it elegant and eco-friendly, but it's also incredibly durable. Experience a desk surface that withstands the test of time. The built-in wireless charger provides a cable-free charging experience for your convenience.

Smart Control Panel with USB Ports - Height Control and Charging

The Comhar Pro features a smart control panel for easy height adjustment with programmable presets. Multiple users can easily set their preferred height with a single click. The embedded USB charging ports (1 x USB Type-A, 1 x Type-C) offer convenient charging options, eliminating cord clutter.

Practical Wood Block - Monitor Arm Compatibility

The practical solid wood block of the Comhar Pro fills the gap under the desk, providing a sturdy platform to mount your monitor arm. Enjoy a hassle-free setup and a clean workspace that accommodates your needs.

Three-Step Setup - Easy Assembly

Assembling the Comhar Pro is a breeze. With just three simple steps, you can have your desk ready in no time. No need to spend hours deciphering instructions or searching for missing parts. Enjoy a hassle-free assembly process.

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All standing desks ship within 2 business days and take 3-5 business days to be delivered.

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All standing desks include a 5-year warranty on the frame and motors as well as a 2-year warranty on electronic components.

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Award-winning design

Stylish, practical desk with durable bamboo desktop and enchanting oval design. Provides back support for extended work periods. Recipient of International Design Award and SIT Furniture Design Award.

A workspace as unique as you

The robust dual-motor lifting system offers a sturdy and secure base for your work. The desk's three-stage height adjustment enables you to customize your workspace to your exact needs.

Not a cable in sight

Prevent cable tangles with a cable tray and keep them neatly organized. No need to worry about a dead battery when you don't have your charger. Stay powered up with this desk equipped with a wireless charger.

Not a cable in sight. Bliss.

Simple Storage

Maintain order and eliminate clutter in your workspace using the built-in storage drawer. Effortlessly retrieve all your necessary work items whenever needed.

Green & durable surface

Enhance your workspace with our professional-grade bamboo desktop. It's elegant, eco-friendly, and impressively durable - twice the strength of regular wood!

The embedded wireless charger provides a convenient and hassle-free charging experience, eliminating the need for cables. It is compatible with a wide range of wireless charging devices.

Meets you at your level

Programmable Height Presets:

The desk enables multiple users to effortlessly adjust to their preferred height setting with a single click.

USB Charging ports:

The desk has embedded USB charging ports (1 x USB Type-A, 1x Type-C) for convenient electronic device compatibility, eliminating cord clutter and hassle under your workspace.

Easy to assemble

No need to spend hours going over cryptic instructions or looking for that missing screw.

You can assemble this desk in just three steps. It’s even easier than your kids’ LEGO. Really.

(A) Desktop

(B) Desk Frame

(C) Desk Feet

(D) Wooden Block

(E) Cable Tray

  • Comhar Pro

    Dual Motor

    Best stability & overall usability

    Wireless Charging

    Best stability & overall usability

    Cable Management Tray

    Best stability & overall usability

    Embedded Drawer

    28.3'' x 12.8'' x 1.97''

    USB Ports

    (1 Type-A, 1 Type-C)

    Height Range

    23.6''-48.8''(With Top)

    Applicable Desktop

    55.1'' width bamboo desktop

    Load Capacity

    Hold 220lbs

  • Comhar

    Single Motor

    Embedded Drawer

    26.2'' x12.4''x1.57''

    USB Ports

    (2 Type-A, 1 Type-C)

    Height Range

    28.3''-47.6''(With Top)

    Applicable Desktop

    47.3'' width Chipboard desktop

    Load Capacity

    Holds 110lbs

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