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Cable Management Set

Cable Management Set

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Keep Your Workspace Tidy with Cable Management Set

Organize Cables with Ease

Maintain a clean and organized workspace with our comprehensive Cable Management Set. This set includes essential accessories designed to help you manage and conceal cables effectively, promoting a clutter-free environment. Say goodbye to tangled cords and safety hazards, and create a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Cable Management Tray - Enhanced Safety and Heat Dissipation

Accommodate Power Strips with Ease

Our Cable Management Tray is the perfect solution for keeping your cables organized and out of sight. The tray features built-in cutouts that easily accommodate power strips and their excess wires. With a perforated design, it enhances heat dissipation and eliminates safety hazards. Keep your workspace clean, safe, and efficient with our innovative cable management tray.

CPU Holder - Adjustable and Convenient

Secure Your Host with Ease

Experience the convenience of our CPU Holder. This length-adjustable host bracket can accommodate a wide range of host sizes. Its strap-style design not only reduces the weight load but also conforms to all types of host shapes, ensuring a secure and stable placement. Keep your CPU off the floor and free up valuable desk space with our versatile CPU Holder.

Self Gripping Tape - Customizable Cable Management

Custom Fit for Your Cable Management Needs

Take control of messy cables with our Self Gripping Tape. This tape measures a total of 79 inches in length, allowing you to cut it to the desired length based on your specific needs. With its self-gripping design, it provides a secure and adjustable solution for managing cables under your desk. Create a clean and tidy workspace that promotes productivity and organization.

Cable Clips - Versatile Cable Organization

Neatly Organize Your Cables

Our Cable Clips are the perfect companion for keeping your workspace neat and organized. Featuring high-adhesive glue that leaves no marks, they easily attach to the side of your table or desk. Use them to organize charging cables, earphones, and other cables, providing a versatile solution for keeping your workspace clutter-free. Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy a more efficient and visually appealing workspace.

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The Limited Warranty covers material or manufacturing defects in new Cable Management products. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and this right is not transferable. Only customers who purchase products from this website are entitled to this limited warranty.

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