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The Design History of the HÅG Capisco

The Design History of the HÅG Capisco

Celebrating 75 years of HÅG, it's worth revisiting one of its most iconic creations, the HÅG Capisco. A masterpiece in ergonomic furniture, this chair is more than just a seat; it’s a philosophy, a vision, and a legacy combined. So, what makes it so special? Let's find out.

The Philosophy Behind the Chair

The HÅG Capisco is essentially a philosophical concept transformed into a physical object. This notion was birthed from the mind of legendary Industrial Designer Peter Opsvik. He operated under a straightforward but revolutionary belief: "If we are allowed to move, we move."

Early Innovations by HÅG

Long before the Capisco came into existence, HÅG was already setting the foundation with innovative concepts like the world's first center-tilt chair, the HÅG Doc, in 1979. This collaboration with Danish doctor Aage Christian Mandal aimed to understand human ergonomics better and integrate them into the designs.

The Birth of HÅG Capisco

In came the HÅG Capisco in 1984, a direct result of Opsvik's study on human movement and posture. The chair was destined to challenge pre-existing norms of seating design and offer a fresh perspective.

Design Influence: The Horse Rider Posture

What sets the HÅG Capisco apart is its aesthetic and functional design. Opsvik drew inspiration from the dynamic posture of a horse rider. Ever sat on a horse? If yes, then you'd understand how this chair encourages you to adopt a similar, natural pose.

The Man Behind the Chair: Peter Opsvik

Opsvik has had a significant influence in the realm of furniture design. He is not a one-trick pony; his earlier works like the 1975 Calypso chair and the HÅG Credo also showed his dedication to fostering movement through design.

Awards and Recognitions

This chair hasn't just sat pretty; it's earned accolades, including the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. Up until 2017, it had garnered ten prestigious awards, underlining its design and functional prowess.

User Experience Over Time

Initially, the Capisco was a slow burn in the market. However, it began to gain traction and steadily grew in popularity, becoming a design icon in its own right.

Sustainability in Focus

In 2010, the HÅG Capisco became the first office chair to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This was achieved by replacing complex, heavy materials with light, recycled plastics and aluminum.

HÅG Capisco’s Global Influence

Today, it is HÅG’s bestselling chair, with an increasing focus on tackling the ill effects of sedentary behavior, thereby making it more relevant than ever.

Capisco and the Sit-Stand Trend

With the rising popularity of height-adjustable desks, the Capisco's design has proven to be forward-thinking, fitting seamlessly into the sit-stand work culture.

Future of HÅG Capisco

Design improvements are continually incorporated based on user and customer feedback, international rules, and a commitment to increased sustainability.

Peter Opsvik: A Lasting Legacy

From the Tripp Trapp to the Capisco, Opsvik's influence extends far beyond one iconic chair, solidifying his mark on the industry.

Celebrating Movement: The Brand Ideology

HÅG as a brand stands by the mantra, “The best posture is always the next one,” and this ideology is exemplified by the HÅG Capisco.

The HÅG Capisco is more than a chair; it's a vision realized and a design that continues to inspire and adapt. As we celebrate 75 years of HÅG, the Capisco stands as a testament to innovative thinking, practicality, and a commitment to bettering human well-being.

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