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From 1984 to the Present: The Timeless Appeal of the Håg Capisco Chair

From 1984 to the Present: The Timeless Appeal of the Håg Capisco Chair

A Revolution in Chair Design: The Birth of the Håg Capisco

The Vision of Peter Opsvik - In 1984, amidst a world of vibrant fashion and evolving technology, Peter Opsvik, a Norwegian jazz musician turned renowned furniture designer, embarked on a mission to transform how we perceive sitting. His philosophy was simple yet profound: "if we are allowed to move, we move." This belief, stemming from a desire to counteract the sedentary lifestyle imposed by modern society, led to the creation of the Håg Capisco chair.

Combating Sedentary Lifestyles - Opsvik's design was a response to the increasing physical inactivity of the time, a hazard that has been linked to numerous health risks and premature death. Recognizing the human body's evolutionary prowess for movement and agility, Opsvik sought to reintroduce dynamic sitting into daily life.

The Collaboration with HÅG - Opsvik's vision was realized through a collaboration with HÅG, a Scandinavian furniture design company. Together, they introduced the Capisco, a chair inspired by the posture of a horse rider and designed to offer a range of sitting positions. This innovation aligned with HÅG's previous ventures into active sitting, making the Capisco a pioneering product in ergonomic office furniture.

The Enduring Legacy of the Håg Capisco

Continuous Evolution - Over the years, the Håg Capisco has evolved, adapting to modern sustainability standards and ergonomic needs. Its design has been refined, using lightweight recycled materials and reducing component count for easier recycling. Today, the chair remains a staple in dynamic environments like laboratories and creative studios, testament to its enduring design and functionality.

A Nod to Heritage - The chair's journey has been marked by various accolades and modifications, including a special edition to celebrate HÅG's 75th anniversary. This version, with a copper-coated frame, pays homage to the copper mining heritage of Røros, Norway, where the story of HÅG began.

In summary, the Håg Capisco chair, a product of Peter Opsvik's revolutionary thinking and HÅG's design expertise, continues to be a symbol of ergonomic innovation and timeless design

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