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Ergonomic Excellence: The Unmatched Comfort of the Håg Capisco Chair

Ergonomic Excellence: The Unmatched Comfort of the Håg Capisco Chair

The Unique Design of the Håg Capisco 8106

Adaptable and Stylish - The Håg Capisco 8106 stands out with its unique saddle-like seat and cross-shaped backrest, making it a striking addition to any office space. This chair is not just about looks; it's highly customizable, offering a range of fabric colors to suit your business's aesthetic. It's an ideal choice for collaborative and meeting areas, blending style with functionality.

Ergonomic Benefits - Long sitting hours can be detrimental to health, but the Håg 8106 combats this with a design focused on comfort and movement. The ergonomic saddle seat encourages an upright posture, easing pressure on the spine. The chair's versatility allows users to sit in multiple positions - forwards, backwards, or sideways, adapting to individual comfort preferences. This adaptability is essential for maintaining focus and productivity in the workplace.

Height Adaptability - The Håg 8106 caters to various workstation heights, promoting an active sitting style. This flexibility is crucial in catering to the diverse ergonomic needs of employees, contributing to their overall well-being and productivity.

The Håg Capisco 8010: A Laboratory Essential

Designed for Lab Environments - The Håg Capisco Puls 8010, a plastic variant of the 8106 model, is tailored for laboratory settings. It retains the comfort of the 8106 with a cushioned seat and adjustable backrest, while being lightweight and easy to clean - a necessity in clinical areas.

Safety First - A standout feature of the 8010 model is its Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) certification, ensuring minimal static build-up. This is a critical safety aspect in lab environments, making the 8010 a top choice for such settings.

In conclusion, the Håg Capisco chairs, with their unique designs and ergonomic features, are more than just office furniture. They are investments in the health and productivity of your employees, suited for various professional environments.

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