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Decades of Innovation: How the HÅG Capisco Chair Has Stood the Test of Time

Decades of Innovation: How the HÅG Capisco Chair Has Stood the Test of Time

Setting the Context: The 1980s

The year was 1984— a time of Wham!, shoulder pads, and Prime Minister Thatcher. But amid this era's quirks, something revolutionary was brewing in Røros, Norway.

Introduction to Peter Opsvik

Peter Opsvik, a name now synonymous with innovative furniture design, was challenging the status quo. He wasn't just another designer; he was a thinker questioning the very essence of how we sit.

The Genesis of the HÅG Capisco

The Need for Movement

Before the HÅG Capisco, there was a growing concern about our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. "If we are allowed to move, we move," Opsvik said. The idea was simple yet powerful: humans are born to move.

Collaborative Efforts

Opsvik collaborated with HÅG and Danish doctor Aage Christian Mandal, resulting in the world's first commercially available "centre-tilt" chair in 1979. It laid the foundation for something even more remarkable.

Inspiration Behind the Design

Horse-riding Posture

Inspired by the posture of a horse rider, the HÅG Capisco was not your typical office chair. Its saddle-shaped seat encouraged various sitting positions, disrupting conventional chair design.

Revolutionary Design Features

What made the Capisco stand out was its dynamic backrest and a T-shaped design that provided unparalleled upper body support. It said, "Hey, let your body decide how to sit!"

Initial Reception and Growth

Slow Start

Despite a slow initial uptake, it wasn't long before the design world took notice. The Capisco chair grew steadily in popularity, becoming an icon in the realm of furniture design.

Awards and Recognition

In 1988, the HÅG Capisco won the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council. It marked the first of ten accolades the chair would earn, solidifying its groundbreaking status.

Evolution of the Design

Sustainable Improvements

Over the years, the chair underwent various design enhancements, focusing on sustainability. It became the first office chair to acquire the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, showcasing its commitment to the environment.

Design Adaptability

The chair evolved, replacing heavy materials with recycled plastics and high-quality aluminum. Every part of the chair, from the backrest to the seating, was thoughtfully redesigned to meet changing needs and standards.

The Capisco and Modern Workspaces

Fit for Various Professions

From artists and architects to lab technicians, the HÅG Capisco chair finds its place in diverse work environments, adapting to the specific needs of various professions.

The Capisco Puls Variant

The Capisco Puls offers a more economical yet equally ergonomic alternative, with a solid, wipe-clean surface making it suitable for labs and clinics.

Celebrating 75 Years of HÅG

Special Edition Chair

As a nod to HÅG's rich history and Røros's copper mining heritage, a special copper-coated Capisco chair has been launched, lined with shades of renewable Norwegian wool.

Relationship with Flokk

The partnership between HÅG and Flokk has remained strong, fostering innovation and breaking new ground in furniture design.


The HÅG Capisco chair is not just a product but a philosophy. From its inception in 1984 to its ever-evolving design, the chair embodies a timeless commitment to human health, innovation, and sustainability.

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