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Bye Bye Back Pain with the HAG Capisco Office Chair

Bye Bye Back Pain with the HAG Capisco Office Chair


Sedentary jobs, notably office-based roles, offer numerous perks, but they are not without their challenges. A significant number of office workers often express discomfort due to persistent back pain, muscle stiffness, and poor posture. This discomfort is a consequence of a prolonged sedentary lifestyle, and the HAG Capisco Office Chair by Flokk is designed to mitigate these challenges.

Flokk – The Movement Celebrators

Flokk, the powerhouse behind HAG chairs, has been a trusted brand globally for over six decades. Since 1972, Flokk’s collaboration with various designers has been driven by a single goal—to offer high-quality, lasting chairs that ensure balanced movements during active sitting and cater to users’ diverse needs.

Real-life Impacts of HAG Chairs

The assertions of comfort and increased productivity associated with the HAG Capisco chair are not mere myths; they are corroborated by numerous office workers. Users of HAG chairs report an enhanced sense of alertness, effortless body movements while sitting, and overall improved comfort, contributing to elevated productivity levels.

Ergonomics of HAG Chairs

Unlike many brands, Flokk doesn’t just focus on sitting in the right position; their chairs are uniquely crafted to facilitate a variety of movements. Inspired by a horseback rider’s posture, HAG chairs offer a plethora of adjustable features, allowing users to experience optimal comfort by switching between various sitting positions—sideways, forwards, backwards, and recline.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Flokk’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond the utilization of eco-friendly materials. With over 40 years of steadfast focus on environmental preservation, Flokk has achieved significant reductions in energy consumption and waste production, earning them several awards and certifications, including the Nordic SWAN Ecolabel and GREENGUARD for meeting stringent chemical emission limits.

Durability and Warranty

The use of recycled materials does not compromise the durability of HAG chairs. All components are meticulously tested to ensure longevity, and Flokk offers a generous 5-year warranty for 24-hour use chairs and a 10-year warranty for chairs used approximately 9 hours per day.

Design Aesthetics

HAG chairs encapsulate the essence of Scandinavian minimalism, featuring sleek designs available in various colors and finishes. Flokk also provides extensive customization options, allowing users to create a chair that complements their aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Popular Models

The Classic HAG Capisco chairs and the HAG Capisco Puls chairs are two of the most favored models, with the former offering a plethora of adjustable features and the latter being a lighter version, ideal for dynamic work environments.


The HAG Capisco Office Chair by Flokk is a holistic solution to the challenges posed by sedentary jobs. Its innovative design, commitment to sustainability, durability, and the variety it offers make it a wise investment for anyone seeking comfort and increased productivity at work.


  1. Can the HAG Capisco chair be customized? Yes, Flokk offers extensive customization options for HAG Capisco chairs.

  2. Is the chair made from sustainable materials? Yes, on average, 60% of the chair is made from recycled materials.

  3. Does Flokk offer a warranty on the HAG Capisco chairs? Yes, a 5-year warranty for 24-hour use chairs and a 10-year warranty for chairs used approximately 9 hours per day is provided.

  4. Are HAG chairs designed for a variety of sitting positions? Yes, inspired by a horseback rider’s posture, HAG chairs facilitate various sitting positions.

  5. Do HAG chairs aid in improving productivity? Many users have reported an increase in productivity and comfort due to the enhanced alertness and effortless body movements facilitated by HAG chairs.

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