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A Journey with the HAG Capisco: A Testimonial

A Journey with the HAG Capisco: A Testimonial


The HAG Capisco is renowned for its distinctive and ergonomic design, aiming to alleviate the woes of those afflicted with back pain. The experiences and impressions of a user, Steve, who has battled recurring back issues, shed light on the journey with this chair. Let's delve into his unique testimony to understand the impact of HAG Capisco on one’s daily life and well-being.

Unconventional Comfort

For Steve, the HAG Capisco was not a synonym for instant comfort. Unlike conventional chairs, the first encounters with this chair can be unexpectedly discomforting, a stark contrast to the traditional experience of immediate ease. The adjustment period, leading to some “saddle-sore” moments, required persistence. However, for someone grappling with relentless back pain, the pursuit of comfort is redefined, making temporary discomfort a small price to pay for potential long-term relief.

Unique Features of HAG Capisco

The saddle seat of HAG Capisco transforms the concept of weight distribution. Unlike ordinary chairs that can disturb the spine’s natural ‘S’ shape, the HAG Capisco aligns weight to the middle of the pelvis, a semblance to standing. This feature, coupled with the chair’s versatility to be used both forwards and backwards, provides various options for users to explore. The chair’s height adjustment and stability are also commendable, harmonizing well with stand-up desk setups.

Personal Journey

The journey of battling back pain is laden with trials, changes, and learning. Steve's regimen included brisk walks, stretching, and strengthening exercises to ameliorate his back health. Integrating the stand-up desk and the HAG Capisco chair, he aimed for a dynamic routine, swapping postures and remaining active. Evening routines were also modified to avoid long periods of sitting and to embrace a diversity of activities, a necessity for maintaining back health.

Results and Improvements

Steve observed his back getting stronger and the susceptibility to pain diminishing. The journey was marked with occasional upsets, but the overall trajectory seemed upward. The HAG Capisco played a pivotal role in this journey, becoming a beacon of hope and improvement in his life. He noted significant enhancements, especially compared to his past ordeal with excruciating pain, highlighting the chair’s positive influence on his well-being.


The journey with the HAG Capisco, as shared by Steve, is an amalgamation of learning, adapting, and improving. It’s not an instant remedy but a companion in the journey towards better back health. The unconventional comfort, unique features, and the overall positive trajectory it brought into Steve’s life make it a noteworthy contender for those seeking an ergonomic solution to back pain.


  • Is the HAG Capisco chair instantly comfortable? No, the HAG Capisco chair is not instantly comfortable, and there is an adjustment period.

  • How is the weight distribution in the HAG Capisco different from other chairs? The HAG Capisco chair’s saddle seat distributes weight to the middle of the pelvis, mimicking the weight distribution when standing.

  • Can the HAG Capisco chair be used with a stand-up desk setup? Yes, the HAG Capisco chair is stable and has a height adjustment feature, making it suitable for stand-up desk setups.

  • Has the user experienced any improvements in back health? Yes, the user, Steve, noticed improvements in his back health and a reduction in pain over time with the use of the HAG Capisco chair.

  • Is maintaining a varied and active routine important when using the HAG Capisco chair? Yes, maintaining a varied and active routine is crucial in maximizing the benefits of the HAG Capisco chair and improving back health.

For a detailed insight into Steve’s experience with the HAG Capisco chair, you can visit his blog.

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