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X-Tech Ultimate Executive Office Chair

X-Tech Ultimate Executive Office Chair

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Peak Performance in an Impeccably-Engineered Design

X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair - The Peak of Performance

Deliver the ultimate executive office chair experience with the X-Tech Ultimate. This chair combines peak performance with an impeccably-engineered design, providing you with unrivaled quality, comfort, and support. With its body-contoured seat, temperature-regulating fabrics, lightweight frame, and action sport-inspired wheels, every sit will give you an x-treme rush.

Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)® Support for Optimal Comfort

Automatic Support with Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)® - X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair

Experience our greatest ergonomic innovation with the Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)® Support of the X-Tech Ultimate. This feature intuitively adjusts to your body, responding to your weight, height, position, and pressure. The DVL® pivots with you, providing continuous comfort and support as you change positions. Say goodbye to back discomfort and stay focused on your work.

FS Wheels for Effortless Glide

FS Wheels - Effortless Glide with X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair

Cast off traditional casters and experience the FS Wheels of the X-Tech Ultimate. These unique wheels, inspired by speed and movement, offer an unparalleled gliding experience. Designed for lasting comfort, they ensure effortless movement throughout your day. Enjoy the freedom of effortless mobility, exclusively included with the X-Tech Ultimate at no extra cost.

Cooling Gel Contoured M-Foam® Seat for Maximum Comfort

Cooling Gel Contoured M-Foam® Seat - Ultimate Comfort with X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair

Indulge in our most comfortable seat yet with the Cooling Gel Contoured M-Foam® of the X-Tech Ultimate. This seat is designed to keep you cool during long sitting periods and distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure build-up. Experience ultimate comfort and support as you work, ensuring a productive and comfortable day.

Luxury Fabric Combo for Elevated Style

Luxury Fabric Combo - X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair

The X-Tech Ultimate sets itself apart with its luxurious fabric combination. It features Brisa® Soft Touch Fabric for the seat and backrest, providing elevated style and a premium feel. Paired with Advanced Tensile Recovery (A.T.R.) fabric that covers the DVL®, this chair offers a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Ideal for Larger Frames and Extended Sitting

Perfect Choice for Larger Frames and Extended Sitting - X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair

The X-Tech Ultimate is best suited for individuals with larger frames, as it offers the largest seat width (22 in.) and weight capacity of 275 lbs. If you spend long hours sitting at your desk or experience neck and back pain, this chair provides the comfort and support you need. Designed for busy professionals who value quality and convenience, the X-Tech Ultimate delivers a premium experience without compromising on comfort.

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All X-Chair brand chairs include a 15-year warranty.

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Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)® Support

One of X-Chair's greatest ergonomic innovations is support, which is automatic with every sit. The X-Chair intuitively adjusts to your body every time you move, responding to your weight, height, position, and the amount of pressure you place on it. Our Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL)® pivots with you, providing continuous comfort and support even as you change positions. With X-Chair, you can stay focused on your work, not your back.

FS Wheels Included

Step away from traditional casters and discover the revolutionary FS Wheels, available exclusively on X-Chair. These remarkable wheels are unlike anything you've seen or experienced in an office chair. Inspired by speed and movement, they enable effortless gliding throughout the day while providing long-lasting comfort. X-Chair is the only model that includes FS Wheels, ensuring you enjoy their benefits without any additional cost.

Cooling Gel Contoured M-Foam® Seat

Indulge in our supremely comfortable seat! The Cooling Gel Memory Foam is specifically crafted to keep you cool even during extended periods of sitting. Not only does it provide a cooling sensation, but it also ensures weight distribution for reduced pressure buildup.

Luxury Fabric Combo

X-Tech, exclusively offered by X-Chair, stands apart from the rest of our chair lineup by utilizing a unique combination of two fabrics: Brisa® Soft Touch Fabric and Advanced Tensile Recovery (A.T.R.). With X-Tech, you'll enjoy the elevated style brought by our luxurious leather on the seat and backrest, while the DVL® is covered with A.T.R. fabric. Experience the perfect harmony of sophistication and functionality with X-Tech, the only chair of its kind.

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